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Darryl & Rachel

Darryl and Rachel were looking forward to the freedom and opportunities retirement would bring…
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They were excited for life… but their excitement was mixed with growing anxieties about their upcoming change.
Case Studies
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Darryl and Rachel aspired to a retirement lifestyle filled with travel and time with family and friends.

With retirement just a year away for them, they felt an urgency to “Get their act together and make sure they had their team.”

To prepare, they were actively looking to assemble a trifecta of trusted professionals (including an attorney, a CPA, and a financial planner) to guide them through this major life change.


Darryl and Rachel felt a sense of fear about giving up their active incomes. They wondered, “Do we have enough money to sustain our lifestyle without our regular paychecks?” However, while they knew they needed a financial professional on their side, they were wary about entrusting someone else with their assets.

They ONLY wanted to work with a highly credentialed fiduciary, who was highly communicative and didn’t sell financial products.

They also had different investing styles, with Rachel wanting to invest as much as possible and Darryl preferring to keep cash accessible.


Darryl and Rachel’s CPA recommended a financial advisor she’d worked with extensively in the past. She told them that this advisor had the scope of experience, qualifications and service standards to meet their needs.

When they met him, his approachable demeanor and open communication style set them at ease immediately.

His extensive credentials in the financial realm and, particularly, his experience with estate planning impressed them. They appreciated his past career as a CPA, giving him deep insight into applying tax-saving strategies to their financial plan.

They felt they could be frank with him about their concerns, and that they would only receive tailored advice in their own best interests.


When Darryl and Rachel teamed up with their new financial advisor, they found themselves with much more clarity and confidence. He guided them through their differences in handling money, making their plan a true team effort.

They’re now traveling frequently, enjoying life and living the active retired lifestyle they envisioned.

Regular check-ins with their advisor have become something they look forward to. Most importantly, they have peace of mind — and no longer lay awake at night wondering, “Do we have enough for all we want to do?”

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