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Tracy & Donna

Tracy and Donna were within several years of retirement, and were beginning to seriously think about the necessary steps and preparations.
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They hadn’t set up wills or estate plans, which was keeping Tracy up at night. They needed a clear path forward.
Case Studies
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Tracy and Donna had just paid off their house, and felt better positioned to start planning seriously for retirement. They wanted to get a better grip on managing their savings effectively, and needed to work through complex processes with their scattered retirement accounts. They realized the need to be more involved and informed about their retirement savings.


Tracy and Donna had 401(k)s that they had been contributing to for over 30 years, but had never actively managed them. A significant worry for them was their lack of emergency preparation. They recognized that financial planning was not their area of expertise, and were looking for professional guidance to take some of the fear and mystery out of their future financial situation.


When Tracy and Donna were introduced to a financial advisor, his down-to-earth demeanor and the casual, open environment of his office gave them a sense of ease in their financial discussions.

His credentials, experience, and the trust he had already established with other trusted professionals they’d worked with was the biggest influence on their decision to work with him.


Their financial advisor started by providing a list of concrete next steps needed to plan for the future. This included gathering tax returns, pension paperwork, and other financial documents, which helped create a clear and structured financial plan. He advised them on allocating their excess cash into their deferred compensation program, which was a strategic tax move for their financial situation.

They now have a solid estate plan, as well as clarity on filing for Medicare and other confusing transition pieces. Tracy and Donna now KNOW, instead of wondering, that they’re on track to seamlessly transition into their retirement when the time is right.

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