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Earl & Kathy

Earl and Kathy were uncertain when they would be ready to retire. As they approached retirement age, they found themselves asking each other more and more often:
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“Are we ready for this? Can we make it work?” They wanted a formalized plan that could clarify if the answer was yes… or no.
Case Studies
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Earl and Kathy still needed a structured plan and reassurance that they were on the right track.

They needed to understand the duration of their work life, and how to maximize their income post-retirement. Their goal was to have a comprehensive view of their financial situation, the optimal timing for accessing Social Security benefits, and ensure they could maintain their desired lifestyle without financial stress or uncertainty.


While they’d worked with investment managers and financial planners before, they either hadn’t been able to provide a truly comprehensive financial plan, or they lacked the basics of communication and customer service.

This led them to seek out someone who could offer a more thorough and communicative approach.


Earl and Kathy met their new financial advisor through a recommendation from a mutual friend.

In their first meeting, Earl and Kathy liked that he asked insightful questions not just about their financial situation, but their personal lives as well.

This fiduciary’s tax expertise as a CPA gave them confidence that their plan would be more thorough and comprehensive than anything they’d previously had.

He gave them insight into where they stood, and exactly what they needed at the time: confirmation and a structured plan for their retirement.


Earl and Kathy now have a formalized retirement plan. Their complete strategy and game plan, along with having a reliable advisor on their side, was a major change for them.

Their advisor’s proactive communication style keeps them involved and informed about their financial decisions. — they know they’re on track with their financial goals and can make adjustments as needed. Overall, Earl and Kathy now have a greater sense of security about their future, and are on track to retire comfortably.

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